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– William Mc Donough

Make sure you audio is up pretty high on to receive the full effect.

Nor can I point out has any one read – actually read Olaus Magnus either…

A little on ole Olaus

In Magnus first book, ‘History of Northern People’ written in 1555 there is a introduction and criticism of the Vitruvious’s Ten Books of Architecture. I originally ran across Olaus’s woodcuts on the internet while doing research for a theater production I was producing. Then the only translation of his work was at the Public Library at 42nd street and had to experience the process of getting a book from that archive.

First you have fill out the index on a piece of paper, hand it to a librarian and wait for an hour for someone to send up a book from the archive down stairs. When I finally got the set, I had to spend a small fortune in xeroxes frantically before the Library closed. The interiors of the 42nd street library are incredible and still most of the original furniture is still in use.

The language of Olaus’s work is very simiar to how my mom spoke. … If I find my resources I’ll write a small section of it.

Diggin songs of Paolo Conte… sorta Jazzy Bob Dylanish… sorta. Ok it is now getting too folky – the problems of last.fm.


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