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My studio space.


My home is tiny and have lived in this 700 sq foot studio apartment for over 25 years with my daughter. It has lots of light, and high ceilings and original 1940 Murphy Kabentte all in one kitchen unit. I love this place! Over the years it has had it over hauls and fantastical redecorating.

Once I covered it with green craft paper and lilly pads ala Monet, and other time I bought 2 large rolls of red velvet embossed paper covering the walls. It has been painted white to shocking ice sherbet yellow.  (now a dingy grey cream color.) This apartment has had share of crisis’s as well when a neighbor flooded my apartment with a busted water pipes when he abandoned the apartment upstairs before winter. The water damaged the ceiling, and loosened the whole sections of plaster spalled later that year.

I made the broken up ceiling an asset, and added some decoupage Haekel illustrations, new paint and trim. This began the studio transformation to its current nautical inspired fantasy.



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